Turnkey Businesses with Real Estate

240 E Broadway, Red Lion, PA 17356


Status Sale
Small Shops 1.00 AC
Occupancy 100%


Demographic 1 Mile 3 Miles 5 Miles
Population 8,138 31,403 58,803
Households 3,285 12,279 23,106
Avg Household Income $72,480 $81,775 $88,029
Total Employees 2,235 6,743 12,142
Traffic Count E Broadway - 11,373 A.D.T.


Cash Generating Opportunity! Turnkey laundry mat and automatic carwash with apartment onsite. 100% occupied. Located on E Broadway on the east side of Red Lion, PA. Laundry mat, built in 1996, features 44 regular load washers, 8 triple loaders, and 24 dryers. 2 automatic car wash bays were added in 2006, along with six self-service bays, vacuum and shampoo stations. Both business are in operation and generating cashflow.

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