± 4 AC Commercial Development

160 Cloverleaf Rd, York, PA 17406


Status For Lease, Built-to-Suit
Development 1.00 AC - 4.00 AC


Demographic 1 Mile 3 Miles 5 Miles
Population 816 13,306 36,557
HouseholdS 297 5,077 13,760
Avg Household Income $88,603 $85,972 $90,958
Daytime Employees 718 2,942 12,433
Traffic Count Susquehanna Trail - 12,176 A.D.T.


± 4 AC commercial development, build-to-suit opportunity. Large workforce surrounding site, growing industrial development nearby. Centrally located at 10-minute drive time to York and Harrisburg, PA. Ideal for fast food, convenience, retail, or healthcare.

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