J.C. BAR Properties, Inc offers its clients and partners the same unparalleled asset management services utilized to oversee its own portfolio of shopping centers, commercial properties, raw land and mobile home sites in PA, MD and VA.

With a dedicated property manager on staff and two dedicated assistants, we go above and beyond ordinary capacities to not just administer each concern while controlling /budgeting expenses, but to enhance the value of your projects, through creative design, long term planning, and marketability.

With over 3 Million SF under management, our team is available to our partners around the clock to assure them the luxury of immediate high quality response to every detail. Our primary goal is the peace of mind that comes from a projects’ sustained position in the market, protected physical appearance, long term satisfaction of its tenants, and watchful consideration of all financial elements as if they were our own.

We can tailor any management plan to include any or all of the following list of services:

  • Regular Property Inspections
  • Reporting of Operational Activity and Tenant Communications
  • Oversight and Communication of Vendor Contracts, Maintenance, and Invoicing
  • Management, Accounting and Consulting on all Financial Expenditures
  • Prepare Annual Plans for Cost Control and Project Enhancement
  • Advise on Market Conditions and Preservation of Marketability and Future Asset Value
  • Leasing and Disposition
  • Negotiated Letters of Intent and Leases
  • Coordinate Tenant Buildout and Construction
  • Prepare, Monitor, and Report Annual Operating Budgets
  • Tax and Insurance Management